Stakeholder Engagement

MAX recognizes the importance of accurately grasping and responding to the requests and expectations of the Group through constructive dialogue with all stakeholders, including customers, shareholders, employees, society, and suppliers.


  • Respect the human rights of employees (development of a healthy and comfortable working environment)
  • A company where it is rewarding to work
  • MAX Fundamental Management Policy


  • Contribute to the creation of a comfortable working environment and living environment (decrease physical burden on jobsite workers, reduce occupational accidents, etc.)
  • Provide manufacturing and customer support based on thorough jobsite-oriented approach
  • Construct mechanisms to maintain product supply even when risks such as disasters occur

Shareholders and Investors

  • Engage in timely and appropriate information disclosure and communication
  • Return profits to shareholders (dividend policy: "maintaining a minimum of 3.5% ratio of dividends to net assets with a target payout ratio of 50%")


  • Strengthen relationships with major domestic and overseas suppliers through the MAX Collaboration Association
  • Build trusting relationships through supplier audits and green procurement

Regional Environment

  • Save energy, reduce waste, and thoroughly manage chemical substances in manufacturing, etc.

Regional Society

  • Make social contributions to areas around our factories (outsourcing of staple packaging work to facilities for people with disabilities)
  • Give donations in the event of a disaster (based on internal standards)
  • MAX’s stories to be stapled on your heart (a project to call up memories and events that you want to keep on your heart forever)