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About Us

When was the company established?

It was November 26, 1942.
Our company was established as a manufacturer of aircraft wing parts under the name Yamada Aviation Industry Co. After the war, in 1945, our company was renamed Yamada Kogyo Co., Ltd. and began manufacturing office machines, laying the foundation for MAX.
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What is the origin of the company name?

After the war, in 1945, we started manufacturing staplers, which became the starting point of our business to this day, with the aim of devoting ourselves to peaceful industry. In 1954, in order to clearly express the difference in technology and quality, we changed the trademark to "MAX" to express our wish to supply the best products with maximum technology and climax products (to supply the best products with maximum ability and technology).Ten years later, in 1964, the company name was changed to the current MAX Corporation.
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What is management philosophy?

MAX believes that by respecting people, the development of people will result in growth for the company.
At MAX, we mobilize the efforts of our employees to create new value and supply useful products to our customers in the form of new products.
In order for our company to continue to grow, each and every one of our employees must take MAX Fundamental Management Policy as the starting point of our actions, be thoroughly customer-oriented, anticipate the times, and continue to practice proactive and flexible creative activities to change and expand our business and operational domains.
Through these efforts, our employees will grow, the company will grow, and profits will be generated.
The results of these efforts will be distributed fairly and in an easy-to-understand manner, and we will fulfill our social role as a corporation.

MAX Fundamental Management Policy
We aim to become a group in which everyone can grow together by creating a lively and fun atmosphere.
  • We strive to ensure our management is ethical and transparent.
    We will emphasize consolidated financial statements and disclose corporate policies, business results, and actual conditions in a timely and appropriate manner, both internally and externally, in accordance with generally accepted accounting standards.
  • We strive to ensure management promises that all employees participate.
    Employees will actively participate in management through their work and expand business results in their respective roles.
  • We strive to ensure management promises that company results are fairly shared by all stakeholders.
    We will fairly distribute the fruits of our efforts to our shareholders, employees, and society.
What is main business?

Our company has three divisions: the Office Equipment Division, the Industrial Equipment Division, and the HCR Equipment Division.
The Office Equipment Division consists of the Office Equipment Business, which handles staplers, time recorders, and text display devices, and the Auto Stapler Business, which handles auto staplers for built-in copiers.
The Industrial Equipment Division consists of the Industrial Tools Business, which handles nailers, air compressors, rebar tying machines, rechargeable tools, etc., and the Housing Environmental Equipment Business, which handles bathroom heaters and ventilators, 24-hour ventilation systems, floor heating systems, etc.
The HCR Equipment Division consists of self-propelled and nursing wheelchairs manufactured and sold by Kawamura Cycle Co, LTD.

What is strength?
  • Under MAX Fundamental Management Policy of "Knowing our customers and sites, being transparent, involving everyone, and allocating results," each and every employee continues to practice independent and flexible creative activities as a team.
  • With a thorough frontline and customer-oriented approach, we have analyzed customer needs in detail and introduced products and services that match their needs to the market, deepening our ties with customers and gaining their support.
  • We aim to create products that satisfy the user, and our products are professional-use tools with unique shapes and specifications.
  • The best linkage between the tool and compatible consumables maximizes the performance of the product.
  • Many of our products are the first of their kind in the world and have the No. 1 market share.
  • Since many of our products have the top market share and we sell consumables together with tools, we have a high profit structure with a high ratio of operating income to sales, and our business performance is less affected by economic boom and bust than other companies.
  • Due to its relatively stable business performance, the company has a high shareholders' equity ratio and an excellent financial base.
What is basic policy regarding profit distribution?

We position the return of profits to our shareholder as one of the most important management policies, and our basic policy is to expand profits from business activities through sustainable growth and distribute profits in a stable manner over the long term.
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Accounts and Financial Information

Where can I obtain financial information and forecasts?

The information is provided in the financial results briefing materials.

About stocks

What is the unit of stock trading?

We have adopted the unit share system, and the number of shares per unit is 100 shares.

What stock exchanges are you listed on?

The Tokyo Stock Exchange (Prime).

Where can I inquire about various stock procedures, such as change of address and transfer of ownership?

Stock Transfer Agency Department, Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank, Limited (8-4, Izumi 2-chome, Suginami-ku, Tokyo 168-0063)
Inquiry: 0120-782-031 (toll-free)
Website URL:

What is the fixed date for shareholders to be paid dividends?

It is March 31 every year.
Since we do not have an interim dividend system, dividends are paid once a year in June.
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Who is the administrator of the shareholder registry?

Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank, Limited.