Home Environment Equipment Business

Providing a comfortable living environment for both newly constructed and renovated houses.

MAX provides various products to support a better housing environment, including heater-ventilator-dryers for bathrooms; 24-hour ventilation systems, for which installation is basically required by the Building Standards Act in Japan; wall-hanging heaters; PTC plane heater floor heating systems; washable disposer systems and residential fire alarms. Our equipment serves to reduce sick house syndrome, which is unique to air-tight houses.

Because of its high reliability, total sales have surpassed 7.7 million units*1 to this point.
Our "DRYFAN" brand products have achieved the No. 1*2 share in the Japanese market for electric heater/dryers for bathrooms in terms of sales quantity.

Since we started to sell "DRYFAN" in 1985, we have provided products that make baths healthier and more comfortable. We will continue proposing new products for bathrooms as a pioneer in this industry by capturing the industry trends and valuing the opinions of our customers.

  1. *1According to our own research (as of Marchl, 2023)
  2. *22022 Housing and Construction Materials Marketing Handbook Electric Heater/Dryer Market for bathroom Maker Share (FY2021 Forecast) According to the research of Fuji Keizai Co., Ltd.(as of May 2022)

We provide various products for the needs of "replacing" equipment when renovating a house.

As a company whose products are already being used by many customers, we have various products that respond to the needs of "replacing" existing products. We hope our products will make customers' housing environments even more comfortable.

The disposer system makes the kitchen area clean and comfortable.

Disposer systems equipped with unique mechanisms such as a basket that can be removed and washed, and a blade grinding system that disposes of food waste without difficulty by low-speed rotation, are increasingly being adopted in urban condominiums.