Agriculture and Food Equipment Business

MAX's unique binding equipment is playing important roles in the fields of Agriculture (=A) and the Food Industry (=F).

MAX's "AF" product line started in 1969 with the launch of "TAPENER," a tape tying tool for use in agriculture and gardening. Its unique product development ideas were passed down to products such as "CONI-CLIPPER" and "PACKNER," bag closing tools which satisfy the demands for ensuring safety and security of foods, and "OBIMARU," a vegetable binding tool. These AF products have evolved along with dedicated consumables and have sold well over the years. Among such products, "TAPENER" has been used not only in Japan, but also overseas in regions such as Europe, America and Asia.

"Light Effort TAPENER" has undergone a dramatic evolution.

"It would be so nice if we could do tape-tying easier with less effort" – We responded to such requests from our customers by developing "Light Effort TAPENER HT-R." Compared with the original one, the weight of its main unit is far lighter, and it requires less effort to conduct tape binding. It has been accepted by farmers all over the world.
We also took on the challenge of a new task: the mechanization of fruit tree binding with "TAPENER", and the result was the new product "TAPENER HT-S45E Strong Bind," which makes mechanization of fruit tree binding possible.

The bag closing tool "CONI-CLIPPER" can greatly reduce fatigue of workers.

"CONI-CLIPPER" is a bag closing tool that makes packaging operation of fruits and vegetables easier, and "CONI-CLIP" is the dedicated binding consumable for "CONI-CLIPPER," which enables easy opening of packages.

"ZAKURIO"   makes pruning of fruit trees and shrubs easier.
The "Obimaru" vegetable bundling machine is convenient for bundling leafy greens and leeks for shipping.