Industrial Equipment Business

Fastening devices for applications such as "nailing," "tightening" and "tying" deliver effective results in various professional scenes.

In 1958, MAX started to sell the first-hand tacker to be manufactured in Japan.
After that, because of the establishment of pneumatic technology, we developed and started to sell Japan's first pneumatic nailer in 1962. Since then, as the pioneer of Japanese nailers, we have improved our pneumatic nailers and pneumatic compressors.
Also, in 1993, we started to sell the world's first battery operated concrete reinforcing bar tying machine.
We reflect needs from our customer in our products, and contribute to improving the working efficiency and decreasing the physical load on customers.

MAX is a pioneer of pneumatic nailers in Japan.

MAX is a company leading the technical innovation of nailers, and its high-pressure nailers demonstrate great performance on not only wood surfaces, but also with concrete and steel plates. MAX always continues innovating its technologies.

Nailer of a new age: "AEROSTAR series"
Its nailing performance is superior. High power and light weight due to high pressure air.
The industry's first "Air Compressor"
The power source of pneumatic nailers that can be remotely controlled with a smart phone!

Staples, nails and screws for pneumatic tools.

Rechargeable tools powered by lithium-ion battery.
The "battery powered low-noise impact driver" is the result of our quest for low noise and smooth tightening of fasteners.

MAX offers unique labor-saving, efficiency-improving tools such as concrete rebar tying tools, which are widely used at concrete construction sites.

Based on detailed research regarding work on concrete construction sites, MAX has been developing and providing functionally differentiated unique tools and their consumables by seeing things from the standpoint of our customers. MAX's concrete tools are highly received by workers at construction sites.

We started to sell the "TWINTIER" series, the result of our quest towards on-site-easy usability.
We always listen to the opinions of on-site workers to improve our products.

Concrete reinforcing bar tying is primarily carried out manually by experienced rodbusters. To change that, we developed the "rechargeable rebar tying tool," which allows anybody to conduct the same level of work easily, in 1993 for the first time in the world.
Since then, we have improved it by listening to our customers who actually use them, and in 2017, we started to sell the "TWINTIER." In recent years, due to labor shortages in the construction industry and an increase of construction demand, the need for efficiency is higher than ever. To respond to this need, we worked on even further improving the usability of our product. We also started to sell the "Stand Up TWINTER" in 2020, which allows the user to tie rebar without bending down, in order to decrease the user's physical burden.

Cordless gas-powered pin-driving tool "Gas Nailer."
It is very powerful and lightweight.

In 2004, MAX started to sell Japan's first gas nailer (gas-powered pin fastening tool). Because it is cordless, it can be handled easily, and it has high driving power. This tool is widely used for various purposes, including for interior or equipment work.

MAX's products are used in workplaces around the globe.

Our industrial equipment business overseas mostly focuses on the European and North American market.
At construction sites or pre-cast factories, existing manual rebar tying work has increasingly been replaced by usage of the rebar tying tool "TWINTIER".

Sales development in North America

We established MAX USA CORP. in 1993, and we currently have locations in New York, Texas and California. Because demand for improving labor efficiency is also high in overseas countries, the need for mechanization has been increasing, and for that reason, MAX's products are highly supported. On July, 2021, we established a new location in California, and we will continue working on improving our service system in America even further.

Sales development in Europe

We established the sales company MAX EUROPE B.V. in the Netherlands in 2006, and have been expanding our sales activities in Europe. MAX EUROPE B.V. has been working on becoming more convenient for end users, which was one of the reasons why we relocated the office to a new location in June, 2020, restructuring how we repair our tools.

We explore new product ideas and conduct market testing of our new products in the overseas markets as well.

It is essential to our product development to visit workplaces in oversea countries, hear opinions directly from our customers and reflect them in our products. The same goes for exhibitions and trade shows held in various parts of the world. Listening to customers' voices and confirming facts are the starting points of forging trust between us and our customers.