Office Equipment Business

We support new types of office work by developing products related to stationery and office machines.

MAX was very quick in capturing the needs of the times, and developed the first hand held office stapler to be manufactured in Japan in 1952. Since then, staplers have evolved into an indispensable tool for office work.
We also captured new needs in the field of office machines, and have developed the sign & label printing machine "Bepop," and the tube marker "LETATWIN," label printers.

Our Commitment in "Binding" Has Developed and Improved the Quality of Staplers.

To create a stapler that can bind more sheets with less strength, it is essential to have good quality control when manufacturing these staplers, as well as the precision of the staples. MAX products are manufactured in compliance with JIS standards in factories which have obtained ISO9001 and ISO14001. We continue working on improving the quality of our products, so they can be used for a long time comfortably.

Our quest for ease of use even stretches to staples.

MAX manufactures its staples at its own facilities under meticulous quality control in order to provide the highest quality staples. While producing our staples, we prevent the occurrence of "core deviation," which can cause failure in stapling, and sharpen the tip of the staples to the best angle, so the staples can penetrate through sheets of paper with little effort.
Also, we set the ratio of the height and width of the staples' cross-sectional surface to 3:5. This makes it easier for staples to bend along a groove of the clincher. This ratio was calculated by using the principle that it is easier to bend the side of a metal piece in a flat direction.

MAX's new technology for any workplace where metal staples are not allowed.
"PAPYLER" is a stapler using paper-made staples.

If you want to bind paper sheets firmly and easily without using metal staples, and you do not want to see bulky stapled sheets and may also want to unstaple them and staple them again, "PAPYLER," a stapler using paper-made staples, is perfect for your needs.
MAX's technology has changed the idea of binding.

"SAKURI FLAT" requires only a small effort to staple something, and it has a sophisticated design. It is also equipped with a space for storing extra staple strips.
Paper punch
"SCOOVA" – A paper punch that requires only small force because of its hollow blades.
Personal Information Protection Stamp
"COLOLETTA" – Roller stamp for concealing personal information. It also functions as a letter opener.

"Bepop" helps you to create signs and custom labels as needed.

This equipment enables free and easy creation of signs and labels, such as safety signs for the workplace, product labels and PL labels to be attached to products, signboards at construction sites and signage at railway stations. It allows its users to make unique signs and labels with photos and words, and is used in various places.

"The contest for safety signs and awareness training "

Since 2018, in Japan, MAX has held a contest for safety signs created by Bepop. We believe that if people in a workplace work together to create a safety sign by discussing and coming up with creative ideas together, this activity can be counted as a "voluntary activity in the workplace," which will help people working in a production site to improve their safety awareness. Many companies participate in this contest to show their own creative safety signs, and the circle of safety activity is still growing.

"Label Printer" makes it easier for its users to create labels that earn customers' trust.

With MAX's Label Printer and label editor software "Raku-Labe," anybody can create a label in accordance with the Food Labeling Act and the workstyle of one's workplace easily and speedily at a low cost. We support the food safety management of our customers by developing products suited to customers' usage purposes.

Tube Marker "LETATWIN" prints words on a tube at high speed.

Ever since its debut on the market in 1994, MAX's "LETATWIN" series has been positively evaluated as the top brand of portable tube marker. This equipment is used for displaying the identification of electric wires so that electric wires in control panels and switchboards that control machines or equipment can be properly wired on terminal blocks and regulated.

MAX's products are long-established items in countries around the world, and its brand is trusted globally.

We conduct sales activities by considering the culture and needs of each region.

Sales development in Asian countries.

We entered the Asian market in 1964. To this point, we have established 5 subsidiaries in this region. Among them, the subsidiary in Singapore is the largest one. There are also subsidiaries in Shanghai and Hong Kong.
Handy-type staplers such as HD-10 sell well in Southeast Asian countries as well, and the design of MAX's HD-10 is widely recognized as a symbol of high quality.

Sales development of our sign & label printing machine "Bepop" in Europe.

In 2014, we acquired all the shares of Lighthouse (UK) Holdco. Ltd., which had been our European agency of "Bepop". In 2019, we established Lighthouse Europe B. V. as the sales base in Netherlands. As such, we have been actively developing sales of Bepop.