Human Rights

Respect for Human Rights

In our Group Employee Code of Conduct, the MAX Group states the following: "We respect the dignity and rights of individuals. We will never engage in unfair discrimination for any reason, including nationality, race, ethnicity, gender, religion, age, educational background, thoughts, beliefs, social status, illnesses, disabilities, physical characteristics, or social vulnerabilities."
We regard respect for human rights as a global standard of conduct required of all companies, and have adopted the "MAX Group Human Rights Policy". Since our founding, we have carried out business activities that respect human rights, guided by the spirit of respect for people. Having set forth our human rights policy, we are now more firmly committed than ever to respecting human rights as we strive to become a company trusted by society.

Initiatives to Prevent Harassment

"MAX Group Employee Code of Conduct" states the following: "We will not engage in sexual harassment, power harassment, or any form of harassment that violates the character or dignity of a person." MAX also holds compliance study sessions on themes such as harassment.

Promotion of Occupational Safety and Health

MAX is promoting various initiatives to create a safe working environment based on safety management in accordance with laws and regulations. The Safety and Health Committee at each factory promotes initiatives based on an annual plan for the continuous improvement of occupational safety and health. Furthermore, 5S study sessions are held once every three months. As part of the meetings, patrols and checks for dangerous areas are conducted under the leadership of the General Manager of the Production Division.
Ten occupational accidents occurred in fiscal 2022. In the event of an occupational accident, MAX shares information at all factories and implements improvement measures aimed at preventing recurrence.

Human rights due diligence

The MAX Group has commenced due diligence initiatives for identifying, preventing, and mitigating negative impacts on human rights to fulfill our responsibility to respect human rights.
Going forward, we will take an overview of our business domains and supply chains to identify all human rights risks, and evaluate the seriousness of each risk to identify priority issues and examine specific countermeasures.