Materiality(Priority Issues)

MAX has identified five materiality issues that are important to stakeholders while also having a significant impact on the management of the Company.

Identified materiality (priority issues)

Materiality Focus themes Company goals Indicators Results Targets
Fiscal 2020 Fiscal 2021 Fiscal 2022
Realize a company
that allows people
to participate
  • Human resources development
  • Diversity
  • Respect for human rights
  • Work-life balance
  • Occupational safety and health
  • Continuously producing human resources as described
    in "our ideal personnel"
  • Ensuring diversity, including active participation of
  • By respecting people, the development of people will
    result in growth for the company
  • Maintaining balance between work and life
  • Supporting the development of mental and physical
    health that will allow our employees to be active over
    the long term
    Engagement survey
Above-average scores
    Consolidated ratio of women in
    management positions
6.4% 6.1% 10% by 2030
    Non-consolidated ratio of female
    recruitment for new graduates
24.4% 12.8% 18.9% 20%
    Number of major human rights
0 0 0 0
    Average total annual working hours
    (Unit: hours)
1,929 1,941 1,901 Below 1,900
Contribute to a
sustainable global
  • Environmental management and compliance
  • Development of environmentally friendly
  • Response to climate change
  • Resource recycling and waste
  • Harmony between our business and the environment
  • Promoting the development of environmentally
    friendly products
  • Reduction in greenhouse gas (CO2) emissions
  • Waste reduction based on the 3Rs
    SCOPES 1 and 2 (Unit: tons)
15,177 15,236 15,428 50% reduction by 2030 vs.FY2018
    SCOPE 3 Category 11 (Unit:1,000 tons)
2,482 2,589 2,515 30% reduction by 2030 vs.FY2018
    Recycling rate
95.5% 95.2% 93.6%
Drive innovation to
realize "Making work
life easier and more
  • Innovation
  • Digital transformation(DX)
  • Creation of environment and culture that promotes
    challenges, and continuous challenges to innovate
    and develop new markets
  • Supply of products and services and organization
    creation to realize DX vision
    R&D ratio
    R&D expenses
    (Unit: billions of yen)

Ensure responsible
  • Quality and safety
  • Supply chain management
  • Disaster prevention and recovery
  • Ensuring high quality in products and operations
  • Promotion of responsible procurement
  • Rapid recovery from large-scale natural disasters, etc.
    Number of major product incidents
0 0 0 0
Maintain and
  • Corporate governance
  • Compliance and risk management
  • Information security
  • Taking initiatives to enhance corporate governance
  • Internal promotion of compliance and implementation
    of risk management
  • Protection of information assets
    Continuous effectiveness evaluation
    of Board of Directors
Implemented Implemented Implemented Ongoing
    Number of serious compliance
0 0 0 0

Materiality (priority issues) identification process

In identifying materiality, we have referred to international frameworks such as the SDGs, the United Nations Global Compact, ISO 26000, and the GRI Standards, as well as wide-ranging stakeholder perspectives and the perspective of impact on the Company.
In addition, we conducted questionnaires for officers and employees and held multiple active discussions, both internally and externally, such as exchanging opinions with outside directors and outside experts, and then identified materiality by receiving approval from the Board of Directors.

Selection of social issues

We established the Sustainability Subcommittee, primarily consisting of executive officers, which referenced and analyzed international guidelines such as ISO 26000, the GRI Standards, and the SDGs, to select social issues.

Evaluation of the importance of social issues

From among the social issues selected in Step 1, highly important issues were determined from the two perspectives of "importance to stakeholders (society)" and "importance to the MAX Group."

Examination of measures and evaluation of appropriateness

We examined measures for the issues determined in Step 2, while also considering their relevance to the Medium-Term Management Plan. At the same time, to confirm the appropriateness of the evaluation, we requested the opinion of outside experts and conducted a review of the issues.

Identification of materiality (priority issues)

On the basis of the deliberation and examination by the Board of Directors, MAX identified the materiality (priority issues) that it should engage with through its business. We will continuously review these going forward, based on the status of the initiatives and the business environment.