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LM-550A is an advanced printing solution that makes wire marking faster and easier.

The LETATWIN is a high speed portable printing machine that supports many different print materials. Enhanced by Max Company's custom designed software (LETATWIN PC EDITOR) the LM-550A system provides a wide range of data entry possiblities. Connect to a computer and print directly to the machine, or save marker data to the machine's large internal memory and take it with you to your site. The durable, shock-resistant rubber key board provides also provides peace of mind when taking this printer to your job site.

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Unique Features of LETATWIN

Faster speeds for increased productivityHigh Speed Printing

Print and half-cut at lightning fast speeds. The LM-550A makes wire markers at a top speed of 40mm/s. The unique half cut technology makes it easier to take the markes with you. (Learn more about half cut technology below!)

Advanced Data Entry TechnologyPC and USB Connectivity

Create markers using the keyboard, or connect to your PC using a USB cable, or use USB Flash drive take files on the go. Copy and paste your files from microsft excel. Print in house or on site.

Size flexibilityHalf-cut technology.

Print and half-cut at lightning fast speeds. The LM-550A makes wire markers at a top speed of 40mm/s.

VersitilityWide range of Print Media

Prints on ID Plates, PVC Tube (ferrule), Heat Shrink Tube, Marking Tape, and Markable Slide Plates. LM-550A supports a wide range of diameters.

Putting it all togetherAmazing Application Diversity

What type of wire marking can you do with your LETATWIN? Patch Pannels, Switch Boards, Control Panels, Terminal Blocks, Power Distribution, Automation, and Wireharnesses?(just to name a few!)


Product Name LM-550A 
Dimensions 295mm(W) x 293mm(D) X 94mm (H)
Weight 2.4kg
Printing Technology Thermal Transfer Printer (300 dpi)
Color Display LCD dot matrix : 64x160 pixel (backlit)
Printing Speed 40mm/s (Standard) 20mm/s(low temperature mode)
Maximum Printing Length Ferrule (Tube):20m, Tape: 5m
when printing multiple copies up to 30
Ferrule (Tube): 100m, Tape: 7m
Maximum output characters 5,000 characters per file
Character Size (Heights) 1.3, 2, 3, 4, 6mm
Suppoted Tube Sizes ⌀1.5mm ~ 8.0mm (PVC tube)
(for ⌀ 1.5~2.0mm tubes, the dedicated attachment
(standard acessory) is required
2.0mm~6.5mm (Heat Shrink tube)
Supported Tape sizes Width 5, 9, 12mm (Max genuine tape)
Ferrule (PVC Tube) Cutting Method Auto half-cut, manual full-cut
Internal Memory 250,000 characters (Maximum 50 files)
External Memory USB memory
Interface USB 2.0 full speed
Power Supply DC12V, 3.0A
(only use 100V~200V adapter included in package)
Power Consumption Max 30W
Operating Environment 10C to 35C


Supports Windows10/8.01/8/7

Datebase DataCopy and paste from Excel.

Did you make your data on CAD? Export to excel than copy and past your data from excel to LETATWINPC.

SequencesSerialize Data

The software makes it easy to serialize your data. Numbers() and letters (a-z).

Various functionsAnd much, much more!

LetatwinPC Editor is crammed valuable functions (including more than 200 symbols common for electrical marking)!

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Max Japan is a trusted name among wire marking printer manufactureres. Based on end-user feedback, we continuously develop our products to meet real-world demands. Our close working relationships with our customers allow us to stay ahead of industry trends in growing markets.

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